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Chassis panel appearance Hardware determines quality

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   It is reported that why is the electrolytic plate the ideal plate for the chassis? The electrolytic plate is the best material for radiation protection in the plate; the toughness and hardness of the electrolytic plate are generally incomparable; in the stamping process of the chassis, the tough steel plate is not deformed and there is no crack when the details such as crimping are applied. The hardness can effectively protect the hardware inside the box from deformation and damage. Why is my computer very noisy? Why is my computer not normal when it is normal? Why is the same configuration, my computer often has some fascinating problems? Why is my motherboard broken when it expires? why……
The chassis has been misunderstood by many people. When we buy other parts of the computer, we are always careful. But when choosing the chassis, I always think that the panel is beautiful, and everything else is similar; many store sales staff also inadvertently mislead the customer, only lead the customer to look at the panel, basically no salesperson opens the inside of the chassis to let customers compare.
Today, I lead everyone to look at the inner world of gorgeous appearance. A chassis consists of two parts: the panel and the hardware frame. The panel determines the appearance of the chassis. The hardware determines the quality of the chassis. Therefore, it is important to select the chassis hardware. In order to save costs, many brands of chassis in the market are now in a state of paramount. Tinplate, black iron, cold-galvanized sheet containing a lot of impurities, etc. are used in large quantities. As an ideal plate for the chassis, the "electrolytic galvanized sheet" is hard to find, and the reason is that if the electrolytic board is used as the chassis, it will be greatly improved. Its production costs.
         In order to save costs, the motherboard tray of the inferior chassis also adopts a hollowed out design, and the new chassis has been deformed when viewed. Some inferior chassis trays will make a sound when pressed by hand. We learned the principle of resonance when we were in elementary school. When the CPU fan rotates at high speed, it will cause the tray and the main board to vibrate together. The consequences are unimaginable. There is a standard inside the industry. The tray sounded like a scrapped chassis, but this kind of chassis does exist in the market. Therefore, we must open our eyes when choosing the chassis. The quality of the chassis is determined by hardware, not the panel.
Ya's "Promise" chassis, the panel is designed with high-brightness technology and metal color steel, and a complete anti-shield steel plate is added behind the panel to form a double anti-radiation effect, which is three times more radiation-proof than the general chassis. First look at the hardware and then draw conclusions on this chassis. This chassis is all made of electrolytic galvanized steel, and the main board tray is closely connected with the upper cover, the rear window and the lower cover, and the other side is designed with large rolls and hem. Extremely strong. When I press it by hand, I don’t move any more, and I don’t make any sound. What makes us shocked is that the details on the market that I can’t do with “I’m a high-end chassis” are everywhere, and it’s really everywhere in this hardware, like every All the details are designed with curling, which will never hurt the hand. Even the small hole of the audio cable entering the hardware also adopts the crimping design. The details determine success or failure, and the details determine the quality.
Not afraid of not knowing the goods, I am afraid of goods than goods. We believe that the eyes of consumers are sharp. Only products with guaranteed quality can ultimately win consumers and win the market.
        For example, the motherboard tray, if the steel plate is relatively poor, directly deformed by pressing the tray by hand, the motherboard is synthesized by 4 layers / 6 layers of circuit, if installed in such a box, it will cause the internal circuit of the motherboard to be broken, serious When the motherboard, memory, CPU, and graphics card are damaged at the same time, the computer will have a fascinating problem.
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